Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Jihad On Penny Arcade

Minion Mike B. (who's bucking for promotion to henchman) turned me on to this Penny Arcade cartoon. Looks like they're interested in MY lair.

It has also brought up issues that must be dealt with, such as deep crows and stalagmen. But that's the great thing about minions. Upon my command, loyal minions will take up arms against such threats to my dominance of my own lair. And those minions who won't rush in to do battle with deep crows and stalagmen for me... well, I guess it's best we found out about your committment issues now.

On a more positive note... My play for this lair has recently been endorsed by the International Conspiracy Of Evil Clowns. They're not putting up any cash, but when you have the moral support of evil clowns, can the support of the International Confederation of Ethically Challenged Mimes be far behind?

P.S.: Thanks to Minion Amy who donated $10. That brings our grand total of donations to... $10.


Amy said...

Evil Greg, since you haven't gotten a lot in donations, can you tell me what you plan to do with the money I gave you? I hope it's something fun.

kecia said...

hey - thanks for stopping by my blog! yes, please take the time and form your own band! let me see what you came up with.