Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How Evil Am I?

How evil am I?

I'm not evil enough to do things like kick puppies or take candy from babies. But when it comes to blasphemy and heresy... I've been told by many people of many religions that I am destined for quite the painful afterlife.

Case in point... this bit of humorous heresy. If your faith is a sensitive subject, do not click that link.

I had a piece of clip art that I own (hired someone to draw it for my free clip art and drawing tool site) where Jesus has his hand over his heart. I thought someone might do a "You Are Here" kind of sweet religious thing (if you don't get it... you're in Jesus's heart). I'm not a Christian, but I am a marketer and I thought this particular drawing would appeal to people, so I had it made.

Still, when I looked at it, sometimes that hand over his heart looked like it might swing out and backhand someone, and in my mind, I started calling it the "Bitchslap Jesus". So while working on some t-shirt designs today, I got tired of the cuteness of the ninja kittens and the alien family vacation photo and decided to do something with "Bitchslap Jesus" and this was the result.

I understand some of you will find this offensive, but remember... I've been told I'm going to hell by better condemners than you. I think it's funny and I'd love to send one to Kathy Griffin.

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