Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Hitch In The Plan

One thing I forgot about in my excitement... the wife.

I was lucky enough to marry a former UCLA cheerleader who is a closet sci-fi geek and book nerd. Yes, she watches "Doctor Who" and "Heroes" with me voluntarily. She'd watch them if I wasn't around. We tend to finish each other's sentences because we think a lot of the same thoughts. So, even though she's a hip, fashionable, hottie, she's got my back on a lot of my nerdier tendencies.

Still... she's not so wild about going and living in an abandoned missile base in Eastern Washington. If I can raise the money to buy and refurbish it, things are looking like it might be my weekend lair.

What kind of evil genius lives in the suburbs during the week and then goes out to his lair on weekends? Am I supposed to set up a remote death ray control I can access with my Treo?

I'd say there are just some "guy" things that women won't understand and the evil genius lair is one of them, but she's said she'd be cool with a lair on a tropical island. It's not so much the lair she objects to as it is Eastern Washington State.

Even when it comes to evil lairs, "location, location, location" still applies.


BloggingQueen said...

Very few men are able to explain their wife's objections to a hare-brained scheme without making her sound like a total bitch. Thank you.
She sounds like she's got a few hare-brained schemes of her own.

Daniel Bowen said...

Location's always important. Is it handy for the shops? (I see the listing notes it's just 10 minutes from I-90.)

Of course, if you're a proper evil genius, maybe you'd have a helicopter or a private plane or a teleport device or something for getting to the shops.

Amy said...

If I donate, do I get to be one of your minions?

Evil Greg said...


Yes. For as little as $1 you can become an honorary minion.