Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Buy Me A Secret Lair, Please!

It's been a strange day.

First I had a dream that I was providing tech support to evil geniuses.

Then I wrote "Have You Tried Rebooting The Death Ray?"

I was discussing henchmen and other evil genius stuff with a friend and remembered I'd once had a thought about a site for a fictional real estate firm that specialized in selling hidden lairs... or did I see someone else do it? So I googled for "hidden lairs for sale" and found this site... A Titan missile base, abandoned and sold off in the 1970s, now up for sale on eBay. 57 acres, three empty silos, 16 underground buildings, plus a warren of tunnels.

I must have it!!! There is no better residence for an evil genius.

Unfortunately, my evil genius hasn't extended to having a spare $1.5 million laying around for purchase and additional funds for refurbishing it. That's where you come in... I need minions who will donate the money to buy and refurbish my secret lair.

If I can raise enough to buy and refurbish an abandoned missle base, I'll not only keep y'all up to date on the process of acquiring and refurbishing my evil lair, some of ya might even be invited out to be henchmen for a weekend (henchmen rank above minions).

1 comment:

BloggingQueen said...

"There is no better residence for an evil genius."

Except for maybe an island with an active volcano and cannibals who think you're a god. Dancing slave girls sold separately.