Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How Much Do You Need?

While I've noted that the missile base is going for $1.5 million, that's just the purchase price. According to the eBay listing, it's a bit of a fixer-upper.

I'll need funds to convert some of the empty areas to living space, others to working space. I'll need to buy a couple of golf carts to zip through the tunnels. And even if I can recruit enough volunteer minions to come out and help with the remodel, there is the cost of raw materials.

After Uncle Sam takes his bite (this isn't a non-profit, so I'll have to pay income tax on the donations) and PayPal takes their bite (between 5%-25% depending on the size of your donation, bigger donations see a smaller bite percentagewise), I'm figuring that I need to raise around $5 million.

This is doable, people! We can make this dream come true! We can create a real evil genius lair! Donate today!

1 comment:

BloggingQueen said...

Well, who's going to clean up after the henchmen? Hmmm? And send out the thank-you notes? And make sure the nukes are turned off when you leave the launch pad?